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Shoutcast FRONTEND GUI for the new Nullsoft SHOUTcast sc_serv /SHOUTcast DNAS v2 Nullsoft SHOUTcast Server 2.0 GUI. shoutcast, web radio, streaming, dnas, radionomy, SHOUTcast...

MSCP Pro (Media Server Control Panel) is a management interface for Icecast2, Steamcast and Shoutcast v2 with comprehensive functionality. This is a self-contained application that provides its own web and FTP services.
  • Oct 24, 2007 · I am a musician, and i sometimes want to stream some new music to ie. a friend, using winamp and Nullsoft's shoutcast server. However, it doesn't work with the firewall. I should be able to use my browser to get a status report from the server, using my own IP + port 8000 (this is the stream's port).
  • Under plugins click on DSP/Effect then select SHOUTcast source DSP v2.3.5 and hit configure active plug-in at the bottom of the tab. A SHOUTcast tab opens, click on Output. If the server and the source are on the same machine as mine, you can enter localhost in the Server Address.
  • Your Radio Name Enter your own logo (URL) Your Radio Direct Stream URL We support Shoutcast v1.x, v2.x and Icecast v2.x Servers only. Examples :

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    SHOUTcast is a streaming audio system for Windows and Un*x platforms. At the center of the system is this product, the SHOUTcast Distributed Network Audio Server (DNAS). The DNAS is responsible for accepting a broadcast feed from Winamp and the SHOUTcast Source DSP plug-in, and repeating the broadcast to listeners connected to this SHOUTcast DNAS.

    Download latest version of SHOUTcast DSP Plug-In for Windows. Safe and Virus Free.

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    Sep 10, 2020 · SHOUTcast v2 or Icecast HTTPS/SSL Secure 128KB/s Quality (max.) Ticket Support $9/month (Before Discount) Addon**: Professional ShoutCast Hosting Related Trunky Website (Open Ticket) Order Now STANDARD Reseller 10 Accounts 30GB Disk Space Unlimited Bandwidth 2,000 Listeners CentovaCast or Sonic Panel SHOUTcast v2 or Icecast HTTPS/SSL Secure

    SHOUTcast v2.5.x+ and Icecast 2 (run both together from same source!) Live DJ xFade AutoDj Crossfade Analytics and Reports Copy/Paste player with track and dj details Mp3, Vorbis, Opus & AAC+ Advanced Playlist Schedulers Web Based Drag and Drop Bulk mp3 Uploader DJ Manager FTP Manager Google Listener Map Custom Widgets Jingle Manager Prevent ...

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    Click on "DSP/Effects" in the menu to the left, and highlight "Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v2.x.x [dsp_sc.dll]". When you have selected it, a new window should pop up. You may now close your preferences window.

    Features Works on ANY SHOUTcast V1 and SHOUTcast V2 Uses the latest HTML5 technology Realtime album art and now playing information Automatic Album Cover from or Itunes...

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    WACUP's provided streaming support only uses the SC v1 protocol & tbf I'm more likely to implement Icecast support than the SC v2 protocol. It's been almost 5 years since I was working on SHOUTcast, I can't remember what the state of stream artwork support even was & whether the newer DNAS out there got a v1 compatible mode for updating the artwork though I doubt that got done.

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    SHOUTcast V1, V2 and Icecast-KH available Friendly, experienced support staff Free streaming tools, guidance and help MP3, AAC+ and NSV streaming supported Free Geo Locking, Authentication and Port 80 100% Service level agreement Instant set up. No hidden costs, no contracts. More info and prices

    Nov 30, 2020 · SHOUTcast DNAS Server is the piece of software that is responsible for actually streaming the audio data to your listeners. SHOUTcast DNAS stands for Distributed Network Audio Software. The DNAS, also known as "SC_SERV," is a software program that is installed on a network server.

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    SHOUTcast Source DSP Plug-in v2 is comprised of the following executables which take 1.81 MB (1902688 bytes) on disk: reporter.exe (198.00 KB) shoutcast_toolbar.exe (1.62 MB) The information on this page is only about version 2.3.3 of SHOUTcast Source DSP Plug-in v2. You can find below a few links to other SHOUTcast Source DSP Plug-in v2 ...

    WHMSonic Shoutcast Admin Pro v2.2.9 - Cracked LepeNU This version is for cPanel servers! The entire script is reassembled and nulled! 1. Log into your Linux Server with SSH: Type: "cd /root/" (without Quotes) and hit Enter then upload and type: "./" (without Quotes). Hit Enter. The installation proccess will begin! 2.

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    Rune (dj-in-norway) PRO Infinity Art Director Member since 2004 Remove the "test" from OTHER field (@Dj_Tosiba) Shoutcast 2 does not accept the "other" field parameter, and this might be why you can not connect. And if you also have this @DJDonchino, remove any thing there.

    Shoutcast 2 server is downward compatible with shoutcast 1 clients (Mixxx), with the limitation that it cannot use multiple setups.

This article is old and some sections still refer to an older version of the Shoutcast Server (v2.5.5). The latest version is now v2.6, which now has Freemium and Premium versions.
Free shoutcast server hosting. Start your own radio station for free! Choice of Server Platforms Upgrade to SHOUTcast V2 or Icecast V2. TLS/HTTPS Support TLS stream URL for secure websites...
Mar 26, 2020 · Support for multiple streams on one SHOUTcast account. There is a new improved method for publishing your stream (New YP2 infrastructure) in version 2. V2 has real-time ‘Now Playing’ and ‘Coming Up’ meta data updates and has better protection. We can also still deliver the old SHOUTcast version 1.9.8.
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